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Howdy! Welcome, Thanks for stopping by!

Top Cool Fun Games is an independent gaming studio focusing on the best games for IOS and Android Mobile devices.  Below are some of our games that we’ve released to date.  Check them out and let us know what you think.

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Are you with the press?  Cool!  Check out our press kits here.

So you want to know about Top Cool Fun Games, huh?  Awesome!

Well first off, My name is Joe Wilson – I’m the founder of  Top Cool Fun Games. We are currently based out of the Seattle area in the Sunny and Warm state of Washington, USA.  The company was started in the late Winter of 2014.

I had been developing games for IOS devices for about a year as a hobby. As things started to progress I thought it was time to take my love for games to the next level – and so Top Cool Fun Games was born.


The business model of the company is to build and release the best quality games and apps for IOS and Android mobile devices using rapid development systems and app reskinning.  Are primary goal is to keep the build cycle as short as possible.   Most of our apps use a FREEMIUM software model, where players can download and play any of our games for free!  This allows for everyone to try any of our games without having to shell out any money!

To continue to keep costs down, we outsource much of the artwork and development to great individual contractors who have been thoroughly screened to provide the best for our games.

All games are monetized with items that can be purchased within each game that helps improve the gaming experience.  We also subsidize our development and production costs of FREE games through the use of mobile ads and affiliate redirection for targeted products and services.


Players, after playing our games and find they love them, can then simply remove the advertising for a small fee.

A little about me

I’m a former network engineer for Electronic Arts. I’ve worked on and been credited on some major game titles such as, FIFA 14, SimCity, Battlefield 4, and Simpson Tapped Out, to name a few.

I think the first game that really got me hooked was Wolfenstein 3d played on 486 DX.  The only computer I had access to at the time was a computer at my work.  I would stay late after work, long after we had closed  just to play the game.

I’m a huge fan of many games out today.  Blizzard Games is one my favorite studios.  I played the original Warcraft when it was first released and still love most anything these guys make today.  I still have an active account on WoW if you can believe that!  Come say hello to VileWolf on Earthen Ring if you’re ever online!

Love what we’re doing?  Hate what we’re doing?

Drop us a line anytime to tell us about your favorite game or the thing you love most about our games.  Or Drop us a line to tell us you hate the games, hate the ads and wish we were never created!  Or simply say hi! Either way, we would love to hear from you!  Contact us anytime!